Oculus Review updated

Oculus Review updated

Oculus Review updated: In my original review below I was pretty frustrated with the hardware aspect of the Oculus, but in hindsight, I think maybe I was too harsh?

I’m really wishing the best for Meta(s) attempt at rebrand, and think they could be the next Nintendo providing the most affordable VR option, maybe even strike a deal with them?

Gaming could really clean up Meta(s) reputation.

The Nintendo Game-Boy was one the worst handheld’s in human history hardware wise, but it’s game library was lit.

I doubt Apple will make their product open source, this could give Meta a huge upper-hand especially in the DeFi market.

Here is my original post:

This is exactly the type of Poor Service I would expect from a Facebook product.


Oculus Review updated
Oculus Review updated

The Sega Activator ruined my VR experience then, and the MetaQuestVR is ruining my son’s now.

Sad, the Oculus had Lawnmower Man potential, but of course, Facebook ruins everything good it touches.



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