DNC Non-arguable Facts

DNC Non-arguable Facts

DNC Non-arguable Facts

Facts: DNC Leaks in June and July 2016 (DNC Staffer Seth Rich is murdered 10 July 2016 ) WikiLeaks releases DNC Leaks on July 22, 2016.

Most Important thread about US election fraud and murder you will ever see on a centralized social media platform.


It’s important to note that opinions on public figures can vary widely,

and people may have different reasons for not liking or judging Hillary Clinton.

Here are some common factors that have added to the negative POV of Hillary Clinton among most individuals:

Political Differences:

One of the main reasons for Clinton being not so popular is political polarization.

She has been an influential figure in American politics for decades,

which has made her a target for criticism from those who disagree with her policies and ideology.

This is a common thing for many high ranking political puppets.

Email Controversy:

During her tenure as Secretary of State,

Clinton faced scrutiny for her use of a private email server for official government communications.

This controversy raised concerns about transparency, accountability, and the handling of classified information.

Critics argue that her actions demonstrated a lack of judgment and disregard for established protocols.

Benghazi Attack:

The 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya,

resulted in the tragic deaths of four Americans, including the US ambassador.

Clinton, as Secretary of State at the time,

faced criticism for the handling of the situation and the adequacy of security measures.

Some perceive her response and subsequent explanations as evasive or insufficient.

Trustworthiness Concerns:

Some people view her as an establishment politician

who is willing to bend the truth or engage in political maneuvering for personal gain.

These concerns have fueled a perception of Clinton as untrustworthy in the eyes of her detractors.

Perception of Elitism and Insularity:

Clinton’s background as a former First Lady, senator,

and Secretary of State has led to perceptions of elitism and a detachment from the concerns of ordinary Americans.

Critics argue that her privileged background and close association with the political establishment make it difficult for her to relate to and understand the challenges faced by everyday citizens.

It’s always important to critically evaluate sources and consider multiple viewpoints when forming opinions about public figures.

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