#CancelTaxes, here’s why?

Cancel Taxes, here’s why?

Canceling taxes is a morally upright decision, because taxation is not only theft, it’s murder too!

The roads will be fine lol, schools can still exist. Even China has a high speed rail system nowadays, where’s our high speed rail system? Where does all the US tax money go?

1913 The Federal Reserve, a private banking entity was secretly created to enact vicious cycles of genocide.

WW1 began the following year.

Notice a similar pattern of events happening today?

“They got money for war, but can’t feed the poor.” -2Pac

Worst humanitarian crisis of our time, yet MSM, and even alt media is completely silent about it!
Worst humanitarian crisis of our time, yet MSM, and even alt media is completely silent about it!

Everything from car high car insurance premiums, to marijuana charges, the entire system in America has been designed by oligarchs to keep many trapped in a cycle of poverty.

As more and more become self-aware due to mass information, the poverty gap was widened because those in positions of influence fear an uprising.

“Anybody can get a label. A Doctor can say you are Bipolar, and once you’re given a label, your rights are taken away from you. You have less rights than a criminal has.” – Mary Maddock

These restrictive lockdown measures and forced medical procedures is new to many, but to victims/survivors of psychiatry, your new normal has been our entire lives.


Cancel Taxes, here's why?
They’re just laughing at you at this point! Ukraine should be the final straw to collectively wake US tax payers up.



US Congress gives final approval to $13.6bn Ukraine aid bill | Conflict News | Al Jazeera https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/3/11/us-congress-gives-final-approval-to-13-6b-ukraine-aid-budget


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