#Censorship is out of #Control right now!

Censorship is out of Control right now!

Censorship is out of Control right now!

Hopefully, other media companies will learn from Facebook CEO’s epic censorship failure!

Censorship is out of control right now!
Censorship is out of control right now!

Facebook joins YouTube and deletes all official Facebook accounts with thousands of followers of regional Donetsk and Donbas officials — DPR

(One of the few still up!)

This is what this level of integration with groups which actively lobby for Israel looks like.

“The freedom of a country can only be measured by its respect for the rights of its citizens, and it’s my conviction that these rights are in fact limitations of state power that define exactly where and when a government may not infringe into that domain of personal or individual freedoms that during the American Revolution was called “liberty” and during the Internet Revolution is called “privacy.”
― Edward Snowden, Permanent Record https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/7140597.Edward_Snowden

Susan said nothing wrong!.. And neither did I. What kind of out of control Police State censorship are we living in?

Censorship is out of control right now!

Ottawa Police Chief Says He Will Investigate & Prosecute Any Police Officer That Provides Any Support To The Truckers Convoy 2022 Protestors Including Food or Water…


The Economic Toll of Censorship:

How Suppressing Ideas Hinders Growth

In today’s connected world, freedom of expression and the exchange of ideas have become crucial pillars of progress and light. Unfortunately, censorship, whether imposed by governments or private goons, can have very strong consequences that extend beyond holding back individual freedoms. In this post, we will delve into how censorship not only stifles free speech but also impairs financial growth and hampers the overall greatness of empires.

Inhibited Innovation and Creativity:

Censorship places holds on the free flow of information, destroying innovation and creativity. Such stifling of new great things holds back progress and hampers financial development.

Restricted Market Competition:

Censorship often targets certain industries or specific ideas, limiting competition and creating monopolistic environments. This lack of competition can hinder market dynamics, leading to reduced efficiency, higher prices, and diminished consumer choices.

Deteriorated Foreign Investment:

In a connected global economy, business people seek stable environments that foster innovation, genius, and the free exchange of ideas. Countries or regions that heavily censor info and hold down dissent may find themselves at the lower end of things, pushing away foreign investment and hindering financial growth. Investors are more likely to direct their capital to places that promote transparency, openness, and intellectual freedom.

Impeded Technological Advancement:

Technological progress thrives on unity, open-source platforms, and the ability to share information freely. Censorship obstructs this unified nature by taking away access to critical knowledge and hindering info sharing among experts. As a result, tech advancement is hindered, impeding the development and adoption of new tech that could drive financial growth.

Diminished Intellectual Capital:

Censorship can lead to a brain drain of talented individuals who seek environments that are equal to free expression. Intellectual capital is a valuable thing for financial development, as it fuels innovation, research, and development. When creative minds are stifled or driven away, communities lose out on the potential contributions of these individuals, hampering economic progress.

Negative Impact on Media and Entertainment Industries:

Media and entertainment industries rely on the freedom of expression to exist. Censorship not only restricts the creative content produced but also limits access to a wide range of cultural and artistic experiences. Such limitations can result in less revenue for these industries, as well as a decline in tourism and cultural exchange, which are significant contributors to local economies.

Censorship poses significant financial risks, hindering innovation, stifling competition, it pushes away investment, impeding technological advancement, and diminishing intellectual capital. The suppression of ideas not only curtails individual freedoms but also hampers financial growth for all. To foster vibrant economies and sustainable development, people as a whole must recognize the importance of preserving and promoting freedom of expression, ensuring an environment that celebrates the free flow of ideas and nurtures creativity. Only by celebrating truth can we unlock the full potential of individuals and economies in the connected world we live in today.

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