#Luxury #Watches and #Purses – #Shop the #Sale now!

Luxury Watches and Purses – Shop the Sale Now!

In addition to Luxury Watches and Purses, the alliance with Bentley marks a new attempt in repositioning.

This modification allows Breitling move to a more fashionable and luxury segmentation.

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Bentley is more famous a brand to mass market, and owns more enthusiastic customers.

These customers are more easily to purchase the watch to match luxury vehicles, which provides more customers and more market shares in luxury watch market.

Core competence of this brand is developing ability of innovation products.

The demand of industrialized market orientation watches in luxury watch market offers Breitling an opportunity; therefore it confines its product in watches.

Although some models are more designed for daily use, the techniques used in different models are successive.

Conclusion This essay critically explores the marketing mix in fulfilling positioning of Breitling watches.

This company has rationally considered a series of complicated dimensions and performed marketing tactics to achieve the positioning.

It has formed specific position among luxury watch watchmakers with the competitive advantage.

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