My next #Psych assessment scares me…

My next psych assessment scares me, because I’m fully aware that it’s based on social constructs.

Sometimes, when you’re aware of things, it changes how you respond to bs lol.

Also note:

There is no blood test, or brain mapping to prove mental illness exists, nor has it ever been proven scientifically as something people are born with.

My next #Psych assessment scares me...
Watch “Legal Death – In Drugs We Trust (Anti-Psych) Trailer” on YouTube

Example of why I’m scared:

Many years ago I was working for my Dad as a Tittle Runner; I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I hired someone to do my job for me, and just payed the guy half of my cut.

I eventually learned the job, and when going at it solo, I would pray to God everyday that I didn’t mess it up.

Regardless of what your views are on prayer, my mindset was one of humility and cautiousness, as a result I filed those deeds with 100% accuracy.

However, once I got comfortable and stopped praying, I started slipping.

Sometimes, once we have control and understanding in certain situations, we have a tendency of getting sloppy.

Sometimes, once we have control, we have a tendency of getting sloppy.

This is how I feel about my next Psych evaluation…

Going Forward, how I play it out in my head:

I’m not scared to tell a bitch how I feel anymore.

I’m also not scared of getting arrested for asserting my rights, and being hooked up to 6 point leather restraints as I have in the past.

With cops pinned up against the vaxxers; the vaxxers who are the liberal lobbyists for pharma this week, liberals who are marginalized with LGBTQ, who psych has a history of discriminating against lol, making a public spectacle of this is gonna be too fun!

See, if worse comes to worse I got CCHR on speed dial.

I know that the Church of Scientology would love nothing more than to make me into the next Tom Cruise.

I’m like a walking gold mine.

Fuck around Dr Jekyll’s of psychiatry and find out.

I also have life experience getting away with murder, wouldn’t be the first time secret squirl Homeland Security threw away certain files of mine. 😉

I want the person doing my next evaluation to think about something, and I want them to think about it long and hard lol. (Pfizer ad goes here)

If I was born this way; diagnosed with multiple things that would basically make me catatonic, low GAF, low IQ, a full blown retard over the course of 15 years, why did a forensic psychologist change my diagnosis as soon as I received a private apology from a recruiter in the CIA?

Nobody, and I mean nobody goes from being born this way, experiencing all these problems to only having PTSD lol.

I was either heavily slandered, or my original claim that Jesus healed me remains true.

You see, there’s this thing called Double Jeopardy, look it up.


You’re guilty of it.

I won’t sue if you admit responsibility that a miraculous miracle occurred and you all tried to cover it up.

I want this to go public, and I want my story published in medical journos other than Mad America.

Like I wanna be interviewed by Oprah.

If you chose this option it’s a win for both of us, I get to fulfil my vow to God, and you get to keep your pathetic pseudo science.

Otherwise, Scientology is gonna take over the whole planet, and who knows what direction the world will go lol?

That’s my dirty little secret; I made a vow that if God healed me, I’d tell it to the whole planet, including the stars and the moon above, or below, whatever you believe in.

I might seem cocky when I write; but I’m not crazy, I bring substance to the table, yet psychiatrists are nothing but a bunch of abusive drug pushing liars.

I have years of consistent data and my own health files to prove slander, I’ve published books on the matter, even was the backbone of social engineering the freedom of a popular celebrity.

I’ve even slept my way into elite families, so when I say I have lawyers, I mean actually have lawyers.

I’m gonna sue. It’s check mate mutha fuckers! 🙂

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