Now let’s discuss Yemen

Now, let’s discuss Yemen:

where people are literally starving!

Yemen: A place where vibrating higher doesn’t manifest a care package from the Universe, and not because of failed US-UK diplomacy selling arms to Saudi alone, but because the CIA backed group called “Houthis” is intercepting International Aid.

Also, they’re probably using that aid to buy back some of the guns they sold to Saudis in the first place, on top of what other resources they’ve already been stealing.

War Dogs 🐕 💣 🤑
Looking back at recent history of how the US government created a 5 way civil war in Iraq, it surprises me that many in the Anonymous community don’t see it.

If nothing else changes your mind about US war crimes, let this be it!

The United States and UK should be removed from NATO for their participation in the worst man made humanitarian crisis to date.

Contact your elected officials, tell them how sick they are for funding Saudi Arabia.

Now let's discuss Yemen
400,000 children in Yemen at risk of dying from US-UK created hunger.

We have a lot of Christians in the US.

Although The Bible talks about obeying governing laws; and paying taxes to Ceasor, it also says when government’s are in a direct violation of God’s Word, that we are called to stand up for what’s right.

This is your tax money at work to fund these wars, if you stop paying taxes by no longer participating in the system, the wars have a better chance at ending.

I’m not asking you to donate money, but I am calling you out of darkness to obey God, and stop willfully funding terrorism.

This organization to support Yemen seems promising: <<

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