Remember Alexia 🔑 🐰 Collection of Posts I wrote regarding #GeneticMemory; #God, #QuantumJumping, Life, and Time.

Life is just a memory, that we play over and over in our mind. Time is so precious, embrace every second of it!

It is such a waste to spend the few hours of light, fighting with the people you love. Shame on those individuals who cause problems in a family. One day you’ll wake up, (if you’re lucky), with a like-minded soul next to the fence. She’ll take you from the field where your parents fell, she will kiss you and call you The Sun.

She has two left eyes, and thinks the world of you. Her kindness can only be found a few times; don’t be sad if she leaves the body you met her in. She’s not a body, and laughs in her sleep, because she knows she can be in two places. You’ll then go back to your friends that God saved and scattered for you, they will tell you the story of what happened the four years you were gone.

I was in this futuristic reality, and there was all these different versions of myself.

So I chose one version to show how I could jump in and out of his body.
I said, hey, I’m you. The voice you hear talking to you is me. I felt I was lying when I said only he, my artificial self could hear me..
He didn’t believe, so I pulled him aside, and we began the process of waking up together.

I smacked him in the face, I said you need to wake the fuck up. He saw his other avatars; all him, all me, just slightly different.
My selling point to my artificial self; the first one I woke up, was that I told him God is real, that there is only one true God, and just because we can jump in and out of consciousness; (different realities) doesn’t mean the Bible is wrong. There is still one path, and ultimately we all die.

He told me about his fiancé he never sees, and was questioning their status. I said if I had one regret; it was not to take it all in, experience life, life more, dream more; in every reality, you need to live life to the fullest. You have the power to go anywhere and do, and be anything and everything.

I am waking up from this hollow shell; my soul is shaking and trembling, I do not want to accept that this reality is fake, and can be altered in this way. It scares me how easily I can come and go, and change things. There is so much beauty in mistakes, every time I leave I cry, and that reality ends for me, I can never go back and experience all the love pain and joy it brings.
I love my son so much, I hate traveling without him, I hate that journeys are solo, and that you can’t take people with you to the other side, everything is so temporary and sad.

Looking at some documents with my mother, and recalling the past, something happened in April that I needed to remember. Something about a Gemini ex who cheated on me..

I was given the task of concealing something, & not just from Kings or common people, but from those who live deep in the forest as well. We paint the sky with clear signals to cover the pain, we’re constantly fighting for a station in your heart, even though you think we’re just playing a jig. When you figure it out, sadly we’ll all be gone. My job was not to tell you anything; but rather, I patiently wait with you, until the sun sets in the place it hasn’t in a long time.

I lifted up her skirt; & perceived the boils on her legs, she said it was only Autumn, from the weed they made her smoke.
My sister my love, I’m dreadfully nervous rn. I am not yet ready for the kiss of death I’m about to receive..

🍂 Autumn Statement

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