Updated November 24, 2021

Mind Freedom International

We still do not know where David is and we are doubling down on our efforts to find and free him. See this press release HERE Please help David! To view the original alert scroll down to 10/19/2021

Today’s recommended action is

1) File a complaint against Judge Zanic (see below)

2) Continue to write to Huntingdon County Commissioners. For instructions and an example, scroll down.

Other grass-roots organizations are starting to join MFI and RTFCIL by demanding that lawmakers find and free David Italiano.

A special thanks to ‘Put People First’ members in Pennsylvania for contacting Huntingdon County Commissioners last week.

Another special thanks to Lily for alerting National Association to End Guardianship Abuse which posted David’s Shield alert on their website HERE and agreeing to conduct a radio interview with Karen Koch of RTFCIL.

Have you written to the Commissioners yet? If not, please do so today.

A few minutes of your time can make a difference. The commissioners email addresses are listed below. HERE is an example of a simple email.

As always, please cc your email to or post on the comments on our website HERE A simple email with a few talking points is sufficient. For an example, read this brief but excellent.



Heather Fellman

Mark Sather

Jeff Thomas

Scott Walls

Tracey Rhodes

If you already wrote to the commissions, please report Judge Zanic who ignored evidence presented by a mental health professional at a hearing declaring that David Italiano to be competent. He appointed a guardian who continues to ignore David’s wishes, hides him and prevents him from having contact with the outside world.

File a complaint against Judge Zanic for ruling on the case of David Italiano, despite having a conflict of interest.

Judge Zanic, was formerly employed as the legal counsel for Huntingdon County AAA before being elected as the President Judge of Huntingdon County.
Over Mr. Italiano’s objections, Judge Zanic appointed, Huntingdon County AAA, his former client to be David Italiano’s permanent guardianship even though an expert witness declared David Italiano to be mentally competent.

File a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania HERE