#Ukraine: Could this be what #America, especially the #Left is hiding?.. And why they want #Assange gone so bad?? Both sides are equally in on it btw.

The plot thickens on the violent Maidan riots in Kiev February 2014, which triggered the Coup to install Yats.
An ex-IDF (Israeli Defense Force) who now lives in Ukraine and who commanded a force of 35 to 40 in a violent protest group, says that he was taking orders from the Neo Nazi Svoboda party.

The sniper fire came from the upper floors and roofs of buildings controlled by the protestors
(Other pictures show the Berkut Police firing – but they are firing downwards in front of the protestors to try and stop their advance NOT firing at them.)

This has been in the works for a long time. After they profit heavily from the Vaccine program, they’ll probably just blow us all up, and people will jump to be in the matrix.

No wonder Michigan is so controversial in the media.
Checkout this video of Trump saying “Assange deserves the Death Penalty” for Journalism, even people on Fox were like WTF? Trust no politician, they’re all warmongers.



An Unnecessary Evil that Plagues Humanity

War, throughout the annals of history, has been a recurring nightmare that has plagued humanity. It is a destructive force that engulfs nations, tears families apart, and leaves scars that persist for generations. Yet, as we evolve as a society, it becomes increasingly evident that war is an unnecessary evil.

War inflicts immense human suffering, causing the loss of countless lives. Every casualty represents a story untold, dreams shattered, and potential unrealized.

Furthermore, war brings widespread destruction to infrastructure, cities, and natural landscapes.

The suffering experienced by innocent civilians caught in the crossfire is immeasurable.

The scars of war run deep, leaving a lasting impact on societies and economies, hindering progress and development for years to come.

Moreover, war breeds an environment of violence and hatred, perpetuating a cycle of revenge and retaliation. It escalates tensions rather than resolving conflicts, leaving long-lasting animosity and deep-rooted divisions. The hatred and trauma generated by war can linger for generations, sowing the seeds for future conflicts.

In addition to its humanitarian toll, war places an immense economic burden on societies.

This diverts attention from pressing needs and impedes social progress, widening socioeconomic disparities.

It is crucial for humanity to embrace alternative means of conflict resolution.

International institutions, such as the United Nations, can play a pivotal role in facilitating peaceful resolutions and preventing conflicts through diplomatic channels. Investing in diplomacy and fostering a culture of understanding and empathy can pave the way for a more harmonious world.

War is an unnecessary evil that has plagued humanity for far too long. The loss of human lives, destruction of communities, escalation of violence, and economic burdens it imposes make it imperative to seek alternative solutions to conflicts. By embracing diplomacy, dialogue, and understanding, we can build a future where war is seen as a relic of the past. Let us strive for a world where peace reigns supreme, and the collective aspirations of humanity are realized without resorting to the horrors of war.

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