The plot thickens on the violent Maidan riots in Kiev February 2014, which triggered the Coup to install Yats.
An ex-IDF (Israeli Defense Force) who now lives in Ukraine and who commanded a force of 35 to 40 in a violent protest group, says that he was taking orders from the Neo Nazi Svoboda party.

The sniper fire came from the upper floors and roofs of buildings controlled by the protestors
(Other pictures show the Berkut Police firing – but they are firing downwards in front of the protestors to try and stop their advance NOT firing at them.)

This has been in the works for a long time. After they profit heavily from the Vaccine program, they’ll probably just blow us all up, and people will jump to be in the matrix.

No wonder Michigan is so controversial in the media.
Checkout this video of Trump saying “Assange deserves the Death Penalty” for Journalism, even people on Fox were like WTF? Trust no politician, they’re all warmongers.