The #MentalHealth #System is bs.

The Mental Health System is BS, and here’s why?

I recently received an invite to partake in a class action lawsuit filed against Havenwyck Hospital, and although the extra money would be nice and long deserving, I don’t know what it would really change in the Mental Health System for others?

You see, it’s not one particular hospital alone, or even the false doctrine of psychiatry that’s the overall problem here. It’s the way it has been intergraded into all other aspects of select people’s lives’ for a very long time.

The medical cartel is more obvious in recent years, but mainly because it’s the end of the privacy era. The money has shifted into Digital Transformation.

Psychiatry is just one of many tools used to create order in modern societies. Once you’re in that system, that’s it, every aspect of your life is controlled to keep you down. Long before the days of Digital Passport ID’s; people in the MH system have had a transparent file on them, visible by certain people in local municipalities, including members of your own church.

So, like I said, it’s bigger than just one hospital. It’s an invisible global caste system/ trafficking crime syndicate.

The Mental Health System is BS. Support Psych Victims and survivors.
Daniel Brummitt, showing pages of Psych Victims Magazine at Barnes & Noble, in Troy Michigan.

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