Life As A Video Game, written by “Jared Schlar” #Experiences #Life #Gaming

What if at the top of the food chain, life is just like a video game? The objective is to gather and steal resources, ruthlessly destroy your enemies, collect trophies in the form of assets, women and other objects to gain pleasure, power, status and money. You become detached from humanity and become extremely self-centered. After all, if you have the ability to cheat and steal everything you ever dreamed of, why wouldn’t you? The elites are in for a rude awakening because the collective hive mind is waking up. All of those ill gotten gains will be clawed back to Earth like gravity.

Life As A Video Game, written by "Jared Schlar"
Life As A Video Game, by Jared Schlar

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Ways VR and AR can save the global economy 🌐

Imagine a world without limits, without walls, and without borders.

A world where things like damaged infrastructure; traffic, and even death are replaced with un-corruptible buildings,

roads of gold, flying cars; and fearlessly cliff diving, because in VR death is not reality.

Here are 4 ways VR and AR can save the global economy:

1. Strippers:

Imagine going to a strip club where the girls are not harmed, where the fantasy is still alive and vivid,

but the center stage is holographic images.

Dancers don’t even have to leave the house,

they can accept bitcoin payments 24 hours of the day and night, because blockchain is the bank that never sleeps.

Augmented reality is good for sex workers,

it’s good for the CDC, and it’s a healthy way to stimulate economic growth.

2. Roads:

I’m from Michigan, and one thing that slows down my day is the fact that I have to drive to most places to get around.

Gas is bad for the environment;

traffic is a waste of time, we risk dying every time we drive,

cops give us tickets, car insurance is expensive; and wear and tare on vehicles is costly.

VR can change this, strap on the headset, and virtually go to work instantly.

This will create less traffic on the roads; money saved on repairing roads, reduced car accidents, and time saved driving to your job.

Now, you have no excuse but to spend time with your loved ones, and driving will be more of a recreational thing than a necessity.

The virtual self is just as important, if not more than your actual life. I did not write these rules, it’s in our corruptible human nature to behave this way.

3. Textiles: Yes, people will cave under social pressure to spend money on designer suits, and shoes in VR. Which is great, because now sweatshops will become a thing of the past. Less trees will be cut down, plastics burned, etc.

4. Life on the blockchain’s 24 hour transactions and the reduced need for petrol, will eliminate the need for war. Hemp will be globally legal since it’s not a threat to the oil dollar, and life on earth can be filled with peace, and an increased curiosity for technological knowledge.

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