#Biden Admin putting #IRS Agents in danger.

I have never disliked a President as much as I dislike Joe Biden.

Since I was a youth, every US President with the exception of Bush Sr, had some redeeming qualities about them. Clinton; Obama, Bush Jr, and yes even Trump, but there is nothing even remotely decent or likeable about Joe Biden. He’s a racist jerk; whose son smokes crack, and he really does have a weird thing for sniffing small children, which makes sense why he’s on such great terms with the Pope.

Text msgs of Hunter Biden being racist towards hookers. Like father like son.

The democratic party really showed its true colors by flexing how powerful they are at propaganda when they force elected an incoherent guy that no one likes, a party who built its base on the backs of the poor, and is now investigating the bank accounts of anyone who has over $600.00 in it. The same $600.00 they never sent us. Everything this party does is a FU to the poor.

The entire US economy is crashing; the only thing saving the average person is being able to trade stocks on mobile apps, get money from sugar daddies via cash app, and sell drugs online, but this mf’s administration is blockading every possible means to survive.

Now with everything that happened at the capital on 1/6, I really feel Joe Biden is putting IRS Agents at risk for future domestic terrorist attacks. 😉

Joe Biden disrespectful to Michigan Union workers.
Joe Biden is cringe!
No words lol


Crime Bill Speech Unedited


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