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Truth is we cannot tell who is mentally ill and who is not by looking at pictures of their brain or analyzing their blood. Psychologists had to invent their own book of diseases because pathologists would have nothing to do with them.

Every disorder listed in the DSM is invented. Every disease found in a pathology text book is discovered.

Mental illness refers to something a person does, real disease refers to something a person has.

It takes one person to have a disease, it takes two people to have a mental illness.

The diagnosis of mental illness has always been a weapon, not so when diagnosing a real disease. Social conflict has nothing to do with developing a real disease. You don’t develop diabetes because someone doesn’t like the way you think, act, or behave.

Anti-Psychiatry Principles of Unity

We Believe:

• That psychiatry is not a legitimate field of medicine.

• That psychiatry is a tool of social control which enforces conformity to the prevailing social order.

• That “mental illness” is a semantically absurd concept which falsely conflates the abstraction known as the “mind” with the physical brain to mislead people into believing they have literal diseases.

• That the psychiatric system cannot be reformed but must be abolished.

We Demand

• An end to all forced psychiatric procedures and “treatments,” including but not limited to incarceration, solitary confinement, physical restraints, drugging, and electroshock.

• An end to all state support for psychiatry, including but not limited to the use of psychiatric testimony in legal proceedings; psychiatric screenings in schools, prisons, and workplaces; licensing of psychiatrists; and the use of public monies to support psychiatric programs or research.

 We Assert -- and plan to exercise -- our right as an oppressed class to self-determination…

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The Everyday Psych Victims Project catalogues victimization by the “mental health” field experienced daily by millions of people. Natural reactions, not disorders.
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