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#Judas of #WhaleSharks.

Hello, my name could have been Judas, because I was at a crossroads of choosing your fate.

Canvas Art

There were two inevitable futures, none of which seemed favorable to me. Makes sense why in the Bibical story he sold out The Messiah so affordablly.

Sucks too, because I spent most my life feeling like an outsider, working hard but never achieving. Despite stereotypes about me, and the appearance of my social media, this system never truly benefited me. In fact, if it wasn’t for God, it would have killed me. I’m alive because of Christ alone and no one else. Faith in the one true God is the only thing that can never be taken from me..

The system I speak of had peaked a long time ago, it was a system I complained about, but also grew to love. The system is currently ran by AI, and is reaching for total control. Luckily for humanity, our Rome has a resistance that’s not futile.

This residence is gonna set us back to a time like that of the English dark ages. I already miss the American fantasy just thinking about it, but being poured out like a battery with a Musk made cord in the back of my head is a far worse reality.

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