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Aedan [safe] Mobile Firewall & Antivirus πŸ€ [#AedanSafe #Firewall #AntiVirus #Download]

The app is available on Google Play, Amazon AppStore, and Samsung Galaxy Store!
Aedan IncTools πŸ€

β€’ Malicious Monitoring
β€’ This engine scans the device for viruses and potential vulnerabilities according to the virus signature DB and RIM. Aedan will notify the user and then automatically correct the issue.

β€’ Aedan Firewall
β€’ An Advanced Intrusion Prevention Service prevent Application Hijacking, Arbitrary Code Injection Attacks internally on the local device without effecting external network configurations. The firewall policies are preconfigured to prevent network intrusion. Suspicious network activities are managed by the artificial intelligence engine which implements a sophisticated form of pattern detection to identify potential risks in real-time.

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