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Everything you’ve been told in your life about #Schizophrenia is a lie.

Years ago I was working at McDonald’s, when a friend of mine came in to visit. She asked if she could take me out for Starbucks?. “You have a boy friend” I responded politely. She huffed and puffed folding her arms, “he’s not the jealous type” she said, then began to cry. “Okay okay” I replied, “you can take me out for coffee, but no hugging on me.”

Coffee lead to us hanging out everyday, writing beautiful poetry in the park together, her getting extremely drunk and hoping on me like a dog in heat.

I’m not perfect, never was, but at least I tried to be pure.

I had guilt that never left, because some people in life never leave your side, they will find you again when you’re 90 years old. You have no choice in the matter but to eventually slip up.

She would come to my parents house, my mom loved her, only girl aloud in my room. However, I complained to my mother that I felt uncomfortable about her having a bf and being so touchy on me. My mom replied, “Oh Dan; that’s just her personality, lighten up, stop being such a Jesus freak”

Maybe it was the guilt; or that both our families have occult ties, could have been the TV show we were watching also, but we both saw what we saw.

Out my window was a giant flying saucer. This thing was huge! My friend froze and couldn’t speak, I was laughing because I was happy someone else could finally see this crap. She remembered sound, I did not. To calm her down I explained that it was just military, not aliens. I explained it was like the big ship that carries the other ships in the board game Battle Ship. My friend has a formal education, and to this day never even smoked weed a day in her life. We both saw it, and even if I’ve been discredited by a certain label, I’m only documenting what two people saw at the same time.

Complaining about the government or military can get a person labeled with so-called “diagnoses.” Though, I suppose the label given for questioning authority should already state this fact, but most have never heard of it and it certainly is not marketed that way to the public.
Via our Twitter EPVP page, we were able to talk to another psych victim. Psych victims are advised to post their stories on our website! It will stay here for many years.
The victim was given a letter from a base, but the military personnel denied that it was from their base. The response was to declare it a no-fly zone from that particular base, but what if it was from other locations, even military or otherwise, and not known by that person?
Regardless, this couple was labeled and harassed, all over just complaining over military aircraft flying too low over their house.
Don’t the police and other authorities have better, real crimes to spend their time on? They should.
Psych victims simply want to live like other people, but the force and coercion given to them in response is long lasting. It lasts for years. According to the letter sent, this was in the late 90s.
The coercion and force in response to nothing actually heightens the stress and feeling of oppression on the victim. Punishment is not the answer and it is not actually good for victims.
Maybe they don’t like their “behavior” – but is the long decades long memories and the victim getting worse actually beneficial?
The truth is that it actually harms society more to punish people than it would be if they were free.
Further, filming and making theories should not be a crime, either, and certainly the psych industry should be exposed. It’s the greatest underworld of oppression – and victims cannot even say that they’re oppressed.

Once upon a time, before social media, I was walking to a friend’s house who lived in my subdivision. As I was walking, I noticed what looked like a giant tortoise blocking the sidewalk. I wiped my eyes; thinking I was either hallucinating, or perhaps the neighborhood teens got high, and were up to stealing land ornaments again.
So, I approached the thing, and sure enough it moved! Then out of nowhere, a bunch of little kids came around and started hitting it with sticks.
I ran home to use the landline telephone. (Lulz) But… I was too late. The same kids who were hitting the 100 year tortoise with sticks, also has cell phones. (They were Chaldean duh)
The Zoo arrived on the scene, and said the Tortoise escaped.
I did’t get a reward for my discovery, but it did make the paper that no one read.
The conclusion of the matter is this. Even before social media, people were so distracted and caught up in their own affairs, that they missed a giant 100 year old tortoise slowly escape from the zoo.
The zoo is in Royal Oak, my friend’s house was on 12 Mile and Stephenson Hwy — in Madison Heights! How in the holy Hell did no one see this thing? Makes me wonder, what else people don’t see?.. UFO sightings back then, chem-trails now. I think it’s fair to say that humans distract themselves by nature, with or without mass media consumption.
Whenever I think of this event, it gives me faith. I mean; if a giant leviathan can escape from the zoo at 2 miles per hour, I can easily believe God could summon some she bears from the zoo also, and save me from times of trouble.
It also makes me believe in other sightings that took place outside my bedroom window as a child, because clearly, not many have ever looked into the sky in the same direction I did.

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#AmericanPsychiatricAssociation: #APA/#WHO Drop the #Stigmatizing Term "#Schizophrenia" – ¡Firmá la petición! via @ChangeorgAR The term “schizophrenia” has become synonymous with dangerousness even though it is a very small minority of persons with this diagnosis who violently hurt others and this may be explained better by the following factors: male gender, young adulthood, misuse of substances, homelessness, having been exposed to violence, sense of powerlessness, helplessness, stigma, etc. The term is also associated with non-recoverability. Dangerousness and non-recoverability seem to be hard-wired into the diagnosis.The term encompasses a heterogeneous group of people with different symptoms, etiologies, course and outcomes. It is a static, traumatizing and stigmatizing term for those persons given it. It often takes away hope and a sense of agency because people are told that they have a genetic brain disease. Hope, ongoing social and peer support, and a sense of agency and self-efficacy are needed to facilitate recovery. Nine world outcome studies and the World Health Organization studies on “schizophrenia” demonstrate substantial recoveries. People have a better chance of recovery when given good care that is acceptable to them. Perhaps, many of the neurobiological findings in “schizophrenia,” which are often non-specific and can not be used for diagnosis, could be better explained to be the result of chronic stress, relational and social traumas, social isolation/exclusion, social defeat, economic adversities, low self-esteem, stigma, prenatal stress, migration…. [More] #tedbundy #truecrime #serialkiller #serialkillers #truecrimecommunity #murder #jeffreydahmer #crime #richardramirez #truecrimeaddict #johnwaynegacy #horror #killer #edgein #charlesmanson #zacefron #tcc #truecrimepodcast #truecrimejunkie #mindhunter #creepy #murderer #aileenwuornos #edkemper #bundy

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