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I wish you could do something about #PersonalityTests on #Jobs too. Make people who are #Labeled with #PseudoScience #Disabilities a #ProtectedClass.

Your favorite website might be discriminating against you. The ACLU is suing to ensure researchers and journalists can investigate this because right now investigating this discrimination is a crime.


Every now and then, thanks to the internet, I’ll be a head of the curve a little when it comes to my work life. The year I believe was 2011, and my resume was banging! I had a Job recruiter hmu and praise me for how awesome it looked. He said “I got this position; it’s a bit of a drive, you’ll have to start from the bottom, but there’s possibilities to work your way up, and land your dream creative role.

I said “I’m down.”

My Grandfather drove me all the way to Wixom, and took me out for lunch at Wendy’s – he was so excited for me.

On the way there I was scoping out new Chrysler Fiats, because I believed this job was so promising.

So, I got the job, took the personality test, and failed it. Lol

My Grandfather who was a Free Mason said to me, “you know, it’s not fair, but it’s just the way things are.”

Well how is that gonna benefit my family to be complacent about a system that discriminates against our own fucking bloodline?

Why is my personality so feared?

The recruiter like literally praised me for my outstanding resume, I got the job based on credentials, not my Semitic personality score. Lol wtf?

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