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#Video of #Senior enjoying his #Favorite Vape #Brand is #Removed. This what happens when Microsoft owns TikTok, anything that threatens the Pharmaceutical Industry gets #Banned.. But 12 yr olds can twerk half naked to #Savage. 🤔 #DoubleStandard? Yes! #CannabisCommunity, what do you think?

I’m that bitch (yeah)
Been that bitch, still that bitch (ah)
Will forever be that bitch (forever be that bitch)
Yeah (ay, ha)

I’m the hood Mona Lisa, break a nigga into pieces

Had to X some cheesy niggas out my circle like a pizza (yeah)
I’m way too exclusive, I don’t shop on Insta’ boutiques
All them lil’ ass clothes only fit fake booties
Bad bitch, still talking cash shit
Pussy like water, I’m unbothered and relaxing
I would never trip on a nigga if I had him

Bitch, that’s my trash, you the maid, so you bagged him, ah
I’m a savage (yeah)

Classy, bougie, ratchet (yeah)
Sassy, moody, nasty (hey, hey, yeah)
Acting stupid, what’s happening? Bitch (whoa, whoa)
What’s happening? Bitch (whoa, whoa)
I’m a savage, yeah
Classy, bougie, ratchet, yeah
Sassy, moody,

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