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#Vengeance is not for me. Please #Read my most recent #BlogPost

So, I was reading The Bible, justifying in my heart how doing dirt on some Gov people who wronged me recently was valid.

Right before the deed, my ex wife tells me her ex who she cheated on me with way back when died from a mysterious heart failure.

The reason this is so important is because years ago, around the same time she hurt me, I had a sponsorship to work for Ford in China. I also had a private contractor separate from the Military family who was sponsoring me; and who I was friends with at the time, wink, telling me to let the law handle it.

Also around that time, (please dont think I’m crazy) I was visited by something like God’s shadow who against my will put me into a deep trance, he said he was going to give me justice from those who wronged me. He said although I’m dirty; I am free to do with my body whatever I chose, he just had one rule for me, that was not to blaspheme his name over social media.

The shadow said, “and you will know this is true, because my name is Jahweh.” Then he left.

Upon release of the trance and fatigue, I googled the name Jahweh, because I never heard that name with a J. Sure enough it was a real name of God used when he gave Joshua power over the sun.

I got an ego; was frustrated with the slowness of how things were going, I disobeyed God, and started attacking Christians over social media. That’s when I was phished by some teenage hackers from UK, and they jacked my high profile Twitter account. I lost everything, including my free ride to China.

However… The promise still stood; my ex wife had neighbors take pictures of her, which lead to CPS accusing her of being a drug dealer, (which I know is not true.) Regardless, ever since she has been extremely nice to me.

That kid who was involved in the incident is the one who is dead. He’s not the only person who died for wronging me.

Everytime someone dies or goes to prison for hurting me or my family, I am reminded not to take matters into my own hands, even tho I can..