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2019 was pretty dark for me lol. #Read my post. Truthfully nothing has #Changed, just my #Mindset. 🤍

Highlight post of 2019 lol

I deserve a girl who doesn’t do blow or smoke weed day.
I deserve to be accepted my someones family. I deserve to be accepted by a family who isn’t dysfunctional, and doesn’t try to break us up.

I don’t deserve to be assaulted by someone I’m dating’s siblings; or segregated from, cut down, and or minipulated by her jealous friends, b-list celebrities/ creepy gov contractors; ect. ..Or told I’m wrong for being a nymph towards the person I’m with.
At 35, with my skills I deserve to work for a company that’s not a startup. (Which is fine, I’m cool with startups) I’m just tired of busting my ass grinding, ruining in circles going nowhere. I deserve to feel a sense of pride and worth (guilt free); to be able to take my son shopping once and a while, freshen up my wardrobe a lil without having to empty out my savings from the little bitcoin I saved responsibility from after taxes, or without feeling like a schmuck with my dick buried between my legs borrowing money from family.
I’ve been so abused; minipulated, and gaslighted, that I couldn’t even give my soul to Satan, even I tried… Normal people get real opportunities at some point; I’m backed into a corner, forced to steal, create my own oxygen, then people act confused why I’m so angry; act distant, and hyper vigilant. Have you ever meet one person in your entire life besides me, who self-promoted his kids book into brick and mortar Barnes & Noble locations? How about turned mold from a slumlord apartment into modern art sold at galleries nationwide; signed contracts with Bed Bath and Beyond via IG, published it along with other artists and super models, made those models famous by consistently lying faking my life? That’s not even a quarter of my accomplishments. I’ve worked harder than anyone, and I’m tired, extremely impoverished, with little or nothing to show for it. 🙁