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#Worldie #NonProfit #SocialMediaNetwork Join the #Future with #SocialImpact – #PositiveTechnology

Worldie is better

We created Worldie to be the most benevolent social media platform with worldwide leadership.

For years, we saw unfair removal of content, and unethical practices by for-profit social platforms. We saw fewer features and less personality.

Worldie is connecting people worldwide with positive social impact. We “let it live” and want people to feel safe to express themselves online with personality. We’re against cyberbullying with an innovative and ethical policy. We want you to meet new people and have new experiences.

Be different! It’s your creative canvas. 🦄

We want you to have fun, know what is happening in the world, and to have a voice.

We are the first Nonprofit Social Media Network connecting people worldwide with videos, photos, profiles, channels, pages, groups, events, posts, customization, and more all-in-one.

Creating positive social impact with technology.

We will have a new Worldie by 2021

Leaders Representing People Worldwide

At our international nonprofit board of directors, we represent people worldwide and from different regions.

We’re global to show that we value people from all parts of the world, and to show different perspectives.

Christina Taft Founder, Chair, and CEO in California, USA Innovator, Creative, Difference maker. An entrepreneur, she works on social impact and solving problems. She founded Worldie, created its policy, and managed all service providers.

Chief Marketing Officer and VP in Detroit, Michigan, USA DANIEL BRUMMITT is a Social Journalist; Professional Art Blogger, & Independent Publisher from Detroit Michigan, whose focus is Automation + Data driven Sales.

Finally, a social network that knows about social impact.

What We’re Best At. Prepare for innovation, fun, and creativity.


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