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Good customer service means the customer is always right, but that’s not the case with big tech companies. If a company made a mistake on an order at a McDonald’s, the person would be immediately compensated, not waiting on hold for a week. If you work for a company; sign w2’s, have your bank information linked to them, and don’t get paid for the work that you put in, that’s called theft. (No matter how you look at it or re-word it.)

Society6 as a concept, is a company I really love. However, this isn’t my first rodeo dealing with some serious flags.

I’m a marketer more than I am an artist in the traditional sense, marketing to me is an art, because selling art in itself is an artform.

I provide a third party platform using a premium wordpress blog, where I make money curating other people’s art using affiliate marketing links via society6.

I work hard promoting; without professionals like me, society6 wouldn’t exist, so when my social media accounts for example @society6usa gets suspended for copyright infringement, that shit pisses me off. If your business model is contractually based off cross promotion; and solely exists due to transparency, you can’t go and report people’s accounts who make you thrive, that’s just stupid. Sadly, this is the type of things that have happend to me out of jealously, because when you would search for society6 on Instagram, my handle would show up first. So fucking sue me for being better at marketing than you! Worst part is that they could have emailed or DM(ed) me asking to change the handle, but no, instead they’d rather just report me.

So now it’s round 2 with this nonsense, all I want is to get paid for the sale(s) I made that are not showing up on my end. I have pending sales showing, why are things that have already been delivered not showing up on my account?? Thank God someone I know made a purchase recently, otherwise I wouldn’t have caught them stealing in the act. How can anyone trust a brand when it’s out and the open now that some of my sales are not being delivered? Imagine how many other people probably aren’t getting paid?.. And how would they know unless they caught them red handed like I did? If I were Society6 I would be on my hands and knees trying to compensate, like make me artists of the year or something? Tf. I don’t want a handout, I just want fairness.

Daniel Brummitt is an ethical Digital Marketing Expert from Detroit Michigan.

DANIEL BRUMMITT@_d_a_n_i_e_l__b

Hey, @society6, still waiting to hear back from you.

Not seeing completed order on my end. This makes me wonder how many other could be missing as well? Please be professional. I like your bc of the option, but don’t make me become your competition.

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