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I was an ambitious kid; always thinking about money, philosophy, and my career. Witnessing the price of my father’s comic collection soar in the early 90’s, made me realize that collecting things I enjoy was a lucrative investment. On my 12th birthday I had a psych appointment, I explained to the shrink my excitement to go shopping at Toys R US, and scalp out all the new X-Men figures. She said to me, “Don’t you think you’re a little old for that?” Her words sunk hard into my chest, I considered what she said, but it still didn’t faze me yet. I wasn’t buying toys to play with them; I was buying them as a collector’s item, because based on historic volatility, I knew they would be worth money in the future.

While at Toys R US; I ran into a girl from my former elementary school, seeking validation I asked, “You shop here too?” She gave me a dirty look, and said, “No Dan, I’m here for my niece.”

Lol, that stung a little. I thought to myself, maybe I am an immature loser, and mentally ill?

At 14 got my first gf, she asked me if I was a player? Got excited, and said “you role play AD&D too?” Her, “What is that?” I immediately went to Flipside Records in Clawson MI, sold all my comics, and Dungeons & Dragon books in exchange for a nice pair of pants. Never spoke about it again. Hahaha

Now here’s the deal, many years later I was sitting in the cafeteria at WCCCD with my former best friend, and his fiancé at the time.

She was from Kuwait, and was super judgey towards the black kids for what she called “wearing juvenile clothing.” She even told my best friend, “why don’t you go to H&M and dress like Dan?” All the dots connected at that point, I didn’t feed into the conversation, because I realized this was a cultural indifference. That Psych Dr who labeled me mentally ill at 12 for collecting toys as an investment was also from a foreign country, and probably just didn’t understand western consumerism. 🤔 – Boom!

Every disorder listed in the DSM is invented. Every disease found in a pathology text book is discovered.

Mental illness refers to something a person does, real disease refers to something a person has.

It takes one person to have a disease, it takes two people to have a mental illness.

The diagnosis of mental illness has always been a weapon, not so when diagnosing a real disease. Social conflict has nothing to do with developing a real disease. You don’t develop diabetes because someone doesn’t like the way you think, act, or behave. – Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Aaron Carter has a six pack and is called mentally ill, meanwhile prescribed harm is still a legal practice. Drs are killing kids on a daily; pumping them full of toxic chemicals, causing them to have real diseases like diabetes, looking like Jabba the Hutt.

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