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Please Sign! I want to make it a #National #Law for #Building #Contractors to #Buy #Art from the #Local #Community. (: #RT #LawMakers #PercentForArt

Beautiful Contemporary Artwork by Daniel Brummitt, that should be hung in every Corporate Office in Royal Oak, and Troy Michigan.Ā 

Sign The Petition to Nationalize Art!

The termĀ percent for artĀ refers to a program, often aĀ city ordinance, where a fee, usually some percentage of the project cost, is placed on large scale development projects in order to fund and installĀ public art. The details of such programs vary from area to area. Percent for art programs are used to fundĀ public artĀ where private or specialized funding of public art is unavailable. Similar programs, such as “art in public places”, attempt to achieve similar goals by requiring that public art be part of a project, yet they often allow developers to pay in-lieu fees to a public art fund as an alternative.

From 1934 to 1943, theĀ Section of Painting and SculptureĀ in theĀ United States Department of the TreasuryĀ followed a policy requiring one percent of the cost of federal buildings to be applied toward art and decoration. In 1959,Ā PhiladelphiaĀ adopted the first such municipal ordinance in the United States. Other jurisdictions followed suit, includingĀ BaltimoreĀ in 1964,Ā San FranciscoĀ andĀ HawaiiĀ in 1967, andĀ SeattleĀ in 1973.

More than half of the states now maintain percent-for-art programs. On the federal level, since 1963 theĀ General Services AdministrationĀ has maintained the Art in Architecture Program, which allocates one-half of one percent of construction cost for art projects.

Problem now is that funding is very limited, and many states and cities neglect the need for maintaining this ordinance! Not much has changed since the 70’s, except the loss of funds.

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