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I lost my wallet last night, little stressed, just my whole identity right? Lol

Today, I went to the place where I thought I had lost it. (Amazing video quality footage btw) Then grabbed sum lunch, upon walking home on a very sunny day.

Out of nowhere; a giant cloud covers basicly just me, and it starts raining in my direction, like the fucking Truman show.

Luckily I’m a weirdo, and brought my faraday bag with me for my phone.

I don’t think the Government is after me, I don’t think DARPA is behind a cloud only covering me, when I can clearly see the sunshine less than a mile away in my direction… I just think I’m dramatic, sexually, spiritually frustrated, and I caused others too believe in my drama. For this I’m sorry. I’m just gonna go back to failing at selling art, maybe try to lighten up a bit, and hopefully find my wallet.

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