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Years ago, I was contemplating my steps, I didn’t know what I was gonna do with my life. So I asked God, I said “what now?” “I’m all yours.” Then I heard a voice answer me and say “Go into this building.” I said “woah, which one?” “There’s like two buildings connected; and if this is God, then it will happen, if not, then it’s just my imagination.”

So, I walked up to the building with much anxiety, saw a German speaking woman use her ID card to enter. I paused, said to myself “I can’t go thru the door; I’ll be arrested, I knew this was just my imagination.” Then I looked to the left, and another door was slightly opened, lol it was the back door.

So I entered thru the backdoor. Took the elevator to the top floor. Started walking around; admiring all the fancy art, taking photos on my Samsung watch, (It was a private international Bank btw.) Then the lady at the desk said, “can I help you?” “Do you even bank here?” I said “no, I’m just looking around.” She laughed nervously, and said, “well, you can’t be here then.” “How did you find this place?” I said “you left the door open, so I walked in.” She took me on the elevator down, and said, “I’m gonna introduce you to our PR department.” “We’ve been having problems with that door.” I then met with PR; told them I know some guys that work in private Security and can help fix the door, they just smiled and said, “yea, we know who they are.”

The moral of the story, well, partial moral is this.

No one is gonna bank with a company that leaves it’s back door open. So; if you can exploit a building’s security and show employee safety is at risk, you won’t go to jail, and they’ll usually offer you a job for technically breaking the law, but not; because you didn’t break into anything, you just walked thru an open door. Lol

  • The End.

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