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From public Twitter: “And it’s been happening over and over for 20 years. this is the first time I’ve ever been seen as being dangerous though. It’s been a horrific experience but at least I know how it feels. I always used to be incredibly careful not to tell people I didn’t trust

But I messed up, I reached out and grabbed something someone was wearing (an ID tag) that is a fair enough thing to flag a behaviour issue and it was right to do it. Unfortunately if I had not also been flagged as “MH” I would have been given immediate second chance

Or if I had been willing to go to psychiatrist of their choosing and do everything he said I would have been given a second chance. But because I said I was a victim of institutional abuse & domestic violence,  I needed a specialised institutional abuse or at least  DV counsellor

But its not that simple. I’m a PhD student, if I walk away 8 months into my Phd I am leaving research forever, nobody will take me. I also live in a state where this is the only university. My supervisors are awesome supportive people, this is administration. what they said…. See

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