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Look, I know it’s #Scientology, but hey, even #UncleBuck knew about it. Shame on every other #Religious institution for not defending #Kids against #PHarma and the #Military.

@Regrann from @cchrint – It’s #GivingTuesday! On this international day of charitable giving, please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Fight For Kids campaign to enable us to continue helping children grow up label and drug free! (Link to donate in bio!)
Thanks to YOU:
· CCHR’s Fight For Kids campaign has resulted in the passage of State and Federal laws protecting children from forced psychiatric drugging.
· 2 States have introduced legislation to Ban Electroshocking of children with 9 more states pending.
· Through our free public awareness campaigns, millions of parents have been educated on the dangers of psychiatric drugs, and been given access to non-harmful, medial and educational solutions to handle problems of attention, learning, and behavior.
We thank you for your support! –

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