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#Mercenaries don’t rep #Christianity. #US #Government created all these groups.

(like ISIS.) Your Taxes & Tithe Money goes to these goons to play fight in the desert. They drive #Cadillacs & are called heroes, meanwhile, most of you don’t even have enough money to pay your rent.

This guy does not live in Africa, he only profited from Africa, bc of problems created by your government! Last I heard he still lives with his parents in a wealthy suburb of Troy Michigan, and used the money from killing to buy a nice Cadillac.

I was supporting my so called friend who dissapeared and doesn’t talk to me anymore; when he pretended to convert to islam for the Government, and for young arab pussy as he would call it. We were at the Mosque; (but in America, freedom of Religion is only for fake Christians who bow to the Military Industrial Complex, so they’re called Cultural Centers here.) When we were approached by a man who no one else knew or saw before. He asked if I wanted to become a Martyr. Seeing the brotherhood I never had, and lacking understanding of what he was trying to incite, I said I was down. In Christianity a Martyr means something slightly different; however, the man was a Government recruiter, disrupting these innocent people’s place of worship. What a shit bag this Fed was? I’m a living witness that it is the FBI who is training mass shooters; equipping them, even propagating ideas into them, not so long after sabotaging their families; and having trains ran on their wives. They even laugh about it; then play both sides, throwing drug charges on your exes, and they have lawyers who guarantee anything you want in Divorce Court if the money is right.

They would bombard me with anti government hip hop music, and would teach me how to make bombs out of peach pits.

Here is the name of the one main CIA contracting companies in Michigan; who has their hands tied in almost everything, and is ruining your beautiful country to the ground.

They militarize police officers to act crazy, even infiltrate departments. They laugh at bikers, say they are stupid scrap, and too easy to flip. They shake hands with cartel drug lords and human traffickers, meanwhile getting press for busting them.

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