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The #Future is not #Nuclear, but it’s definitely gonna be lit. 😝😎✈⏰ #InternetOfThings #Worldie

About this… Yes, it’s pure greed that corporations make so much, & employees can barely afford to feed their kids. However, these changes are already in effect, bc very soon McDonald’s will have their stores basicly automated, which means they will hire less workers at $15 hr.

The thing is, although the economy is shit, it’s also in transition. The internet provides ways for people to make money if they want to; in their underwear, without messing up the environment driving around all day, wasting gas, and time in traffic that could be used for studying. Most older people are hip to these changes also, I’m so happy to see the older crowds understand that this is a transition into the internet of things, rather than to blame the youth for being lazy.

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W🌐RLDIE.C🌐M, created out of the need for change. Social media is not just a place for fake friends anymore.

  • It’s a survival tool.

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