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#About, #DANIELBRUMMITT – #ShortBiography about how he got into #Media. 🌐📲

About Daniel Brummitt,

Daniel grew up in Madison Heights, a small suburb outside of Detroit Michigan. His family upbringing was a mix between blue and white collar working class. However, Daniel spent most of his adolescence/ late teen years highly medicated, and institutionalized for being labeled a religious fanatic by the State.
Daniel says’ his drug free lifestyle, and strong moral convictions as a teenager is what kept him alive all these years. He also says’ his understanding of the Bible is what gave him special wisdom to always have hope, and the ability to problem solve his way out of almost any situation.
I was never the greatest artist; says’ Daniel, age 35, in fact I was average, but my gift was always in branding myself as the most talked about artist in any room.
“When people thought of an artist, the first person they thought of was me.”
– Daniel Brummitt
Daniel gave up his dream career as a Detroit Tattoo Artist around the time his son Samuel was born. He said “it was a youthful passion pursued out of having low self worth.” A movie called 500 Days Of Summer influenced Daniel to want to clean up his act; drive a Volvo, shop at H&M, become a digital artist, and live in a big city like Chicago.
Daniel started waking up; having strange dreams, and seeing odd coincidences that would come true, but people from his hometown didn’t conceive AI yet.
After the love of his eyes left him; Daniel spent many hours at Barnes & Noble, studying all the great philosophers, filling his brain with much wisdom.
While homeless at a motel outside of Orlando, the night before opening his first Private Art Gallery, Pastor Billy Graham came on the Telly. It was a 1985 sermon about millions of dollars invested into satellites so the whole world could hear the gospel. Daniel looked over to his Huawei $50.00 a month MPCS cell phone, put his head down, and sighed with guilt. He had an epiphany that infrastructure was a thing of the past. This device is the key, the modern gavel for any poor person to advance their career.
This is how Daniel got into media.

Daniel S Brummitt
Daniel’s Son at the Detroit Institute of Art.

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