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#ProtectTheFaith #Theology #MoralDecline #Ethics #Government #Family #HumanResponsibility

I’m a Christian, but I don’t live the ethics in regards to sex, everything else I do perfectly. I’m judged alot, even by heathens, because my heart is so cold in the matter. However, I have the ability to live a pure life, the problem I’m facing is the Church. The program is set up like a country club; theology is always loose, churches are so busy trying to adapt, that they have become spiritually dead. I have nothing in common with any female who goes there. They’re just drones, and I’m pretty sure they hate me. I don’t have it in me to be the leader to create changes necessary to live a God fearing life, and set an example for others. I wish that there was a church out there, not trying to just scam people, or one that’s not completely judgemental and too orthodoxed.

Abrahamic ethics are so important in the roles of Government and family. Moral decline effects finances too! Lack of God is the birth of revolutions and real destruction, not just rumors of it..

The less God fearing morals; the more fighting, hatred, and distrust people will have with each other. They ignorantly blame religion, not realizing it’s the 10 commandments that kept everything in line.

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