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Diary of a Person of Interest – by Kiwi journalist & #FBI target #SuzieDawson @Suzi3D

So, I was joking about what Suzi said regarding white Van’s, saying “that must be an Aussie thing cuz everyone in the States drives a white van.” Lol welp, just ate my own words. Now I could be wrong; but seriously, of all the places this guy could of parked, he’s just gonna sit in his car next to mine, texting; avoiding eye contact, probably waiting for me to leave so US Government goons can vandalize more of my life? Lol

I remember faces, not saying I met him at a Starbucks in Barnes & Nobles before. 😉 Some go as far as openly explaining how phishing and predictive programming works, emp(ing) public wifi, openly saying “stop digging” to my friend(s). It happens; but life moves on, and I’m just trying to sell some art to The Prince of Saudi Arabia, while spending some quality time with my son. I have no choice but to document everything, Government really will not leave me alone.

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