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Fuck Johnny Depp supporters! They are the most #Manipulative trolls I have ever witnessed on Twitter. I need to break this down, bc it’s actually a serious matter now. Check it out on my #Blog. Too much to #Write on Twitter. Please #Read the whole thing before you send me death letters.. Thx! ✌ …And #JusticeForAmberheard.

So.. My internet friend, who is a human rights activist, & innovative entrepreneur, was the one who told me about Depp’s Shenanigans’. At first I was like “yea; that makes sense, typical Hollywood sociopath,” no doubt in my mind right? Well, then I saw Amber’s Twitter, and was like “Oh Hell No.” On the surface, she is everything I’m against morally, and I believe the way she acts sets a negative tone/ bad example for young women in many ways. I miss the Cardie B version of feminism; it was simple, “like I fuck who I want, and make my own money.” I respect that, but this Amber Heard type of man hating mentality is so conflicting to the way many of us have already been engineered. Not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that it’s only throwing more fuel on the fire. People already have so many problems staying together, maintaining healthy relationships, young people don’t need to have this type of redneck behavior propagating in their face all the time. Both of them should be fired from Disney, and Depp should be, and will be in his vampirial coffin soon. This reminds me of how embarrassed I was when my parents fought in the front yard. Like if you’re gonna fight; keep it private, however, seeing Depp’s troll squad in action, made me realize that I am Amber Heard. She is a very strong human being, a victim who is doing everything in her power, and resources to defend her life. These Trolls are so sneaky, like I said, I have never witnessed this type of manipulation and gaslighting on a single celebrity before… Despite my own experiences, and fears of having my exes come at me for things that were out of my control.. I support Amber Heard, and I really believe she needs our help!

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