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@Regrann from @loatsad_promomedia – Are you one of those who is quick to dismiss an ad as soon as it pops up on your screen? Why is that? Don’t they meet your expectations or don’t they seem relevant enough to hold your attention?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you are not alone. A number of people share the same sentiments which can be summed up in two words – Expectations and relevance.

Customers expect quality value for their time and attention. Hence creativity has to be invested in ads. No one wants to sit through boring pop-up ads or displays which are not entertaining or informative.

Aside creativity, originality is another eye-catcher for adverts. People have to see your brand as real and honest. Such little details can be picked from an ad.

Adverts must offer value if you want to convert visitors to loyal customers of your business. Each time you put up an ad to showcase or display your brand to the world, be sure to make it not only amusing and jolly but also very relatable.

This causes people to respect and also associate credibility with your brand especially when it is targeted and immersed in contents they care about.

This makes for one effective ad strategy.

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