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I truly believe that the #IRS is the biggest road block to #Prosperity in this #Nation. (#US)* @AuditTheIRS

The agency that once broke up monopolies is now the same agency that gives passes to money laundering billionaires, and taxes the poor so hard they never have a chance to succeed.

I truly believe the IRS is the key agency to eliminate in order to rid government, and private sector corruption in the US.

All the secrets of the elite, and their corruption are hidden under the IRS(s) hood. She is the wings of Satan, snip her feathers to save your entrepreneur spirit.

Data shows Generation Z is mainly going to college for business, not because they have faith in a degree, but because they were raised learning how to market watching YouTube. They were not raised on a 9 to 5 tax schedule, they live in a world filled with blockchain and 24 hour PayPal transactions. The IRS tax model, and college itself is a plague to the future of our youth. It hurts entrepreneurs, and creates sociopathic criminals.

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