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#HowTo: “#FreeBritneySpears” #freebritney #britneyspears #britneyarmy #antipsych #aclu #humanrights #uncouncil #womensrights #mothersrights #feminism

@Regrann from @psychvictims – Reposted from @itsqueenbritney – I hope you know, if Britney is Freed, then thousands (if not millions) could be affected by the movement. You may actually get human rights organizations to care about us!I cced some other victims on here…. Here is my advice on how to Free Britney:WAYS TO FREE BRITNEY SPEARS
(basically, you make the facilities and system on edge with the microscope on THEM and not on the victim): “Crowd search” Britney Spears with LA fans, ask film or music industry people where she is locatedREPORT the facility – make it get health inspections or get its license removed.. Film, visit, call facility – anything public or exposed is something they don’t want. (They use HIPPA and secrecy AGAINST victims so that people advocating for release or to truly help them are never heard or even know that they’re there). Go to her hearings. Ask why you cannot and why there are private court rooms in the facilities.Expose the double standards of how the psych system is worse than the civil/criminal system. –> guilty before innocent, character doesn’t apply, career or interests do not either (it’s more like to remove them). Ask why you cannot advocate for Britney to have freedom. #FreeBritney – #regrann – App – Repost without leaving Instagram – Download Here :

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