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#HappyEaster #EasterSeals #Forced #Involuntary #PsychHold #Abuse #SexualHarrasment #SexualAbuse #Michigan #ChristianPersecution #CatholicHospital #BootyDarts #Drugged #SpeakingInTounges

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#HappyEaster #EasterSeals #Forced #Involuntary #PsychHold #Abuse #SexualHarrasment #SexualAbuse #Michigan #ChristianPersecution #CatholicHospital #BootyDarts #Drugged #SpeakingInTounges #PoopThrower #SadButFunny #AgainstTheLaw #ThrowBack #Story #StoryTime #BeatUpForJesus #Occult #Institutionalized #FreeBritneySpears πŸ›πŸ¦‹ #MonarchProgramming #Wolverine @_d_a_n_i_e_l__b #ACLU #Lithium Drunk #FuckBigPHarma πŸ’‰πŸ›ŒπŸ•΄πŸ—£πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ¦‰βš– –

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I was 17, my life was great, I had just gotten out of the adolescent psych ward with 20 different girl’s phone numbers. Who could be sad? Then I got called in for a review. Dr said I was not well, I disagreed. He said “you’re going back to the hospital.” I said “I was just there, wtf?” “I’m happy” I exclaimed, “so no, I’m not going!” Then he called the cops, I immediately calmed down and cried. They strapped me to 6 point leather restraints like I was Wolverine from the X-men. One male nurse upon arrival to the hospital shook a needle next to my eye. Said, “you act up, you’re getting one of these.” I told him when I get out of here, if I see him on the street, I’m gonna kick his ass lol.

My first time at the adult ward:

People here were scary. Long term affects of these medications, plus abuse really took a toll on them.

My roommate was a 60 year old, married Baptist preacher man. One day, I was drawing a picture in my room, when he said to me “hey Sonny, look over here!” I looked over, and had balls and dick next to my face. I yelled, “nurse, nurse.” Told her what had happened, she said “The minister?” “He would never do that.” She walked into the room, and was like “Hell no!” He was not only slapping his balls around, he was throwing his feces everywhere too!

Got a new roommate… Who was also way older, extremely gay, and made sexual comments to me within the first minute of meeting him. :/ Well, at least he wasn’t throwing poop at me lol.

The night before I got a new roommate, I was alone. I said my prayers before bed, and I spoke in tongues. One of the male nurses entered my room, and said “you have to shut the door if you’re gonna pray.” (It’s a Catholic hospital btw.) I said “okay, no problem.” So I did as requested, I shut the door, and prayed quietly. The nurse came back and said, “you can either take the shot willingly, or we force it on you.” I said “what?” “A shot?” “For what?” Then three big nurses slammed me on the bed, hit my head against the backboard. I said “stop, please stop, you don’t understand what you are doing!” “All I did wrong was pray.”

I’m gonna leave the story at that. Happy Easter everybody, and Free Britney Spears!

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