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(#RT @psychvictims) I know eveyone is entitled to their opinions; but I don’t feel sorry for the people who leave negative comments like these, especially after being warned by comical mainstream commercial ads for the harmful affects, when the doctors up their cocktail of medications in a couple years; and they slowly die, (bc they don’t work!)

I made a claim that God healed me years ago; I stuck by this claim with perfect integrity, despite legality, insults, possibly separation from my son; and forced hospitalization from my own family.

A Homeland Security Detective intervened; disolved my parents petition, bought me beer, and personally apologized to me on behalf of the Intelligence Community for everything I had to go through.

All my redneck friends from my home town still laugh at me; yet they’re living in trailers, or contemplating suicide in their parents basement, fat as hell, drooling on themselves; and I’m just over here living my best life.

So all the naysayers of this anti-psych campaign can kindly fuck off! Joke is on you! 😂✌💊

View this post on Instagram Watch "Legal Death – In Drugs We Trust (Anti-Psych) Trailer" on YouTube #freedom #coercion #emotions #antieugenics #think #feelbetter #cause #externalize #motivation #society #humans #adisorder #everyone #circularreasoning #healthcare #notdisordered #overdose #silentkiller #drugpushers #shameful #maximizingprofits #victims #labrats #circumstances #diagnonsense #forced #awareness #letyourvoicebeheard #nomorepills #badpharma 🤣 You heard it yourself, there is no blood test for mental illness. There isn't even a brain scan.. It's a diagnostic, a clinical diagnosis, that is made up by talking to the person. These doctors need to be arrested asap, sentenced to life in prison for all the deaths they caused, and lives they ruined. These are the real nazis, living in your own backyard, profiting immensely from torturing kids.

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