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Thoughts on πŸ€” #UnitedStatesAgression.. please don’t freak the F* out, it’s only to make you think.. #DevilsAdvocate πŸ‘Ί #Synchronicity #Logic #Order #Money #Deception 🎼🐝 #FreedomOfMovement

In grade school, my neighbor across the street was the biggest bully in town. He was also my childhood best friend. As a late teen; he would yell at cars who were speeding down our block, pull them out, and beat the fuck out of them. He also killed cats bc he was allergic.

My first day of middle school I got checked in the hallway by some hockey players, as they were laughing at me, along came my neighbor friend to save the day. He picked the one kid up by his neck; and told him that if he ever looked at me the wrong way, he would slit his throat, and rape his mom. Lol

The kids who checked me didn’t think it was that funny anymore. They complained my friend was a bully, and they were only playing a joke.

Apart from all the money being made off bloodshed, and the ill intent of it all.. this is partially how I feel about the United States Military. Nobody likes a bully, but sometimes it takes a bully to beat up a bigger bully. I get it, I get the logic behind it.

Another example of this is when I was sort of a minister. We did a social experiment with good intent for God. We wanted to see what defined worship. Catholic Church made it feel like court, “all rise,” “you may be seated,” ect. The power of the Holy Ghost was unified by the eulogy. Pentecostals on the other hand cried alot with their heads down, bc they believed it showed heart towards God, whereas Baptists would say it’s disrespectful to be on the floor all the time. “Lift up your hands” they would say, Salvation should make you dance and be joyful.

So we let people worship as they pleased, being completely natural and comfortable before God. If they wanted to paint a picture in the corner, or jam out to some Payable On Death tunes, they had the freedom to do so. However, not having any structure, things got hectic real fast. I realized early on that most humans need order, or some kind of systematic program to protect them from wolves, aka small predators within the institution.

On the flip side, I had a friend who would always beg me to visit NYC with him to see this electronic dance band called the Rapture.

He would describe the dancing like when the Beatles first came on the scene; there was no set choreography, no judgement, just complete freedom of movement.

5 years later I walked into a Forever21, and heard that band playing on the store radio. I said to myself, “I highly doubt they play those raw shows like they used to.” Nothing free lasts forever, it doesn’t take long for humans to “naturally” by design create fascism subconsciously, even when it comes to something as simple as dancing in large groups.

Hardcore Dancing in the 80’s, when it was natural.

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