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I know most people still don’t really care what’s going on in the #World… But I want to present to you, “the #Next #Big #SocialMediaPlatform.” “” ⬅️

Why it’s Different? Worldie, unlike every other mainstream social site, won’t compromise your Data.

Data is so important, bc it defines you as a person, more than a passport or social security card does.. it’s literally your Electronic DNA. These Devices don’t read in Binary anymore, they are Sensors, they know who you are. Do you really want that data collected about you without consent? Sold to whoever?? I’m trying to save your souls here; by offering a platform, an escape from Big Data, and the facebook terminator – “Zuck t-1000.” 😁 But in all seriousness f* Zuck; our Freedom Of Speech, and freedom to assemble Online is being regulated daily. Do you care about the Future of your children? I do, so make the switch, and join the only social site that still cares. 🌏

What would you do with a social media platform? Do you see the large need for a new platform?

You could obtain majority ownership if: – you have experience growing businesses and marketing – feel confident to modernize the platform – have experience in technology/coding yourself or friends who will help you – know you can grow the platform to around 100,000 users 📧 Please email:

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