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There’s no difference between what I do, and what a #Homeless person does. I’m on #SocialMedia spamming people to buy my #Art, just like #Macys used to bombard us with #Ads via television. Sadly, one person is called a beggar, and the other an advertiser.

Likewise.. police officers are basically an organized gang of communist thieves (who are nice to me now btw, I actually like them, and completely forgot what it was like to suffer at their hands.) They steal from the poor at gun point, and redistribute wealth to the system they are also enslaved to.
…But if a hacker steals to feed their family, bc he or she is lowkey banned from work, they are called criminals. How fucked is that right??

I personally rarely give to the homeless, and the reason being, is bc I was homeless 5 times in my life. Not bc I was an addict, but bc I made poor investments, and was dealt harsh circumstances that seemed out of my control at the time. As a teenager, I also organized many food out-reaches during a time when churches didn’t maximize profits from it. Tbh it was only the Catholic church who really assisted the poor during America’s economic boom.

Sometimes, I would get so mad at the system, that I would contemplate jacking credit cards and such.. But that would be stupid; bc I wouldn’t be creating new wealth, I would be no different than the police, and if caught, I wouldn’t have a judge sitting in my corner.

So that’s where I’m at in life. Like it or not, I’m not an anarchist. I see past the rebellion, past bringing guns up in Gaza, peacefully or not. I’m just here to be the best dad I can be, and create wealth for those who cannot. I can’t solve climate change; but I can direct traffic to your society6 links, and sell your art invertedly, making you money in your sleep.

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