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This #Company “#Denso” at the #NAIAS stole my heart. πŸ–€ #SelfDriving #Futurist #SmartCities #Matrix #VR

I’ve always been a fan of VR, ever since that movie the Lawnmower Man. (Yea I’m old lol) Sadly in real life, VR back in the day never met those expectations… Until recent years, VR can trick your sensories, making you have an almost out of body experience.

Being a media consultant, and a millennial, I face a lot of challenges dealing with older business types. They fail to realize I don’t have to meet with them in person to remotely do work from them, and to even be physically present with them at their office. If I told someone years ago, that I could be in two places at one time, they’d lock me away in a mental hospital, but Skype has been a real thing for a long time.

Gas is expensive; and driving in traffic is a waste of time, when I could be creating content, or doing something much more productive.

Where I’m going with all this, is that I don’t believe our infrastructure will ever meet the Jetsons. I think VR will advance sooner, and it’s cheaper to build a virtual city, then one single skyscraper in real life.

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