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Some things are paranoia, other things are not. Like this van that chills directly outside my apt every night. Could be a homless man perhaps? Maybe he works for one of the 50 billion security companies in downtown Detroit?.

Or maybe, he’s just a classic text book stalker? 😏 *sarcasm.

Could be an angel working for a security company; or a detective, making sure other security companies, or police/detectives, don’t break into my apt and steal my computer; cuz that would be the only way I would get hacked.

Relisticly tho, he’s probably just a homless man, and I should leave it alone. (But I will note; that I had an officer in my apt one day, openly saying he takes pictures of me in my window, lol he got his computer and magazines stolen the same day he said this.) 😅

Nothing surprises me anymore. So recently, I was given the position to manage social media for an anti-psych website that I really believe in. The next week; while down on my luck financially, I get a LinkedIn message from the president of a biotech pharma company in Sweden, asking if I’d like to work for him as a data analyst. I turned down the job when it seemed too phishy. (Note: They are a swedish company, but they use USAA as their bank.) Immediately after declining the offer, I went to grab some coffee, bc it was such a nice day outside. That’s when I was approached by this beautiful older lady from Scotland (a former psychologist). We had great talks about quantum physics and the occult. She kept me out pretty late; and although feeling like I was being interviewed by 60 mins, I still made sure to make it on time to my son’s wrestling meet – 2 hours away in the am.

Pandoras Box: 📦

Trying to articulate this is gonna be hard.
When I was married there was this girl at my mom’s work who was kind of a disrupter their, and she would try to get my ex to go to the club with her. While at my son’s wrestling tournament, guess who shows up? It’s not a small world when dealing with the CIA. (Lmao) My ex has no idea that I’m part of the intel community, and that I’m stalked, nor do I believe her new boyfriend knows. I think they are both innocent, as do I believe most people don’t know that they are being used and positioned for in a certain manner.

While at my son’s wrestling meet, this guy kept looking at me like he knew me. I just brushed it off, didn’t think that deep into it. Until he sits behind me and tells the guy next to him, that he works for a “pharma company in the Intel community, as a data analyst.” – That’s cute. 😂

If my son gets hurt in anyway, or if they do to him what they did to me… Damn straight I’ll put in work for the Russians; fuck, I’ll do dirt for the Koreans, and I will make damn sure, that every degenerate in the CIA gets publicly crucified. Yes, I’ll even bring back the cross, since the gentile barbarians wanna pretend to be Christians so bad. 😉 🐖😋

  • Don’t fuck with my family okay? You’ve done enough with your sloppiness. Some good, but mainly bad. I don’t forget the good things people have done for me, I’m guilty of things too, that’s why I’m so patient with people.

However, maybe I don’t know all the details, and I’m taking it out on the wrong people… For that I’m truly sorry, but any person who understands my style of cryptic writing, would immediately state that this is a classic case of real life “gangstalking.” – Not paranoia.

  • That is all. 😁

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