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I need a somewhat high paying job, because I can’t afford to pay my bills anymore. πŸ˜πŸ€” #hiring #jobs #job #jobsearch #recruitment #careers #nowhiring #work #career #resume #recruiting #hr #business #employment

Look, I’m not some fucking crack head begging for loose change on a street corner. I’m a father, an entrepreneur, and a God fearing man..

I feel like I’m being discriminated against, because it doesn’t make any sense that employers from redneckville Michigan, would overlook me the way they do.

I have a lot of very unique marketing skills, that are in demand right now. You would be stupid not to take advantage of this opportunity to have me work for you.

I’m very strong and motivated. When no one would publish my book for instance; I successfully started my own publishing company, during a time when print was dead. I published not only myself; but Italain sculptors, Playboy, and Maxim models.

I got invited to the Grammys; did shots with Tmz, was VIP on reality shows, Justin Bieber fricken follows me on Twitter.

If anything, just hire me because I have a great smile, and nice to look at. 😊

Here’s one of my decor products. It was the top trending picture at Sommerset Mall, on Instagram for months. – I do this with no effort.

My Son and I doing our own PR campaign, when Barnes And Noble of Rochester Hills, purchased several copies of my book.

– This doesn’t even come close to all my accomplishments. I’ve done so much, that I forget about things sometimes.

  1. I manage +12 Twitter/Instagram accounts.
  2. +2 Tumblrs, +8 Wps.
  3. I create timed Bots.
  4. Have multiple Russian and Chinese sm accounts.
  5. I’m Google Verified.

You name it, I do it.

I Live and breathe social media.

I’ll even sell you my data, and analytics for $1M.

Check out my books

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