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#Google wants a complete ledger of your life – a complete account using extensive data of all your actions, decisions, preferences, movements and relationships. It then wants to use #patternrecognition and other tools with this data to direct your life.

At first, this so-called #SelfishLedger will be user-driven, but the implication is that soon thereafter it will be driven by the ledger itself (i.e. AI) programmed with “Google’s values” (whatever they are). The deeper meaning of the Selfish Ledger is shocking: Google freely admits that it is aiming for complete species-wide understanding with the Selfish Ledger, and thus to be able to direct #humanevolution.

What is #theSelfishLedger?

As described in the video, the Selfish Ledger will be a complete record or account of who you are. The word “ledger” denotes accounting, numbers and (now) blockchain.

Google is planning to pitch the idea to the public by presenting it as a “selfish” ledger that is all about you. They state in the video that initially the ledger would be user-driven.

So, the user would select “the volition” of the ledger, e.g. input the goals or values, then allow the ledger to help him/her make better decisions to reach those goals. The video states people would initially use it in the areas of health or environmental impact, then measure themselves up to it.

Google gives the examples of the ledger suggesting to the user where they could buy locally-sourced bananas or how they could carpool (better environmental choices). The ledger could also be used to suggest entirely new, custom (bespoke) and never-before-made products for people based on their data (needs and preferences, which it would know intimately). The ledger would rely on all existing data.

However, the video quickly moves on to point out how the Ledger could then seek other data sources to fill the data gap.

It also implies that after the initial period, Google would provide the Ledger with the goals, and the user would therefore be molded and directed to adhere to objectives and values which he or she did not choose. 🖐🏾👇🏾#Technocracy #SocialEngineering #Eug
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