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#Checkout my #ComedyShow of a life, via @Psychvictims “#illuminati #DropOut” 🙀🗣🛌🕴😎

I was hospitalized against my will at 17, bc I had a legit earth quake in my bedroom.

I believed the doctors at the time, when they said it was me who trashed the room.

Until I got older, and had a dream about something my friend at the time was hiding. He messed with a Ouji board, and stole inanimate objects from a dead guys house.

I was a skeptic, and thought he was just being a sociopath, until I asked the ghost to please leave in name of JESUS. The whole house shook the way it did when I was 17. That’s when I knew it wasn’t all just chemical imbalances.

When I was hospitalized however, they tied me to 6 point leather restraints like Wolverine from the X-men. My roommate was an old Baptist perv who showed me his penis; I was 17 btw, when I told the nurse, she said, “oh hell no” he was caught in mid act of his wiener flapping; and feces throwing. I spoke in tongues that night, the staff said if I didn’t shut the door and keep it to myself, he would give me a shot. So, I did as directed, and he said anyways, “Do you want to take the shot willingly? Or do we have to force it on you?”

…And that’s exactly what they did, they forced it on me. Then the Staff guy asked if I liked ICP. Fuck no I don’t like ICP, I was into hardcore bitch. lolo.

Years later, I ended up owning a Magazine Company where I party planned for rich people, like the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise. I had a WH medical doctor on board who told me shadow people are a medical phenomenon. This ideology was backed by DoD members who were also part of our team.

I was so pissed, you mean to tell me I was hospitalized, and shot up for something that was actually really happening?? The fuck man, hahaha. They laughed, we all laughed, they said “welcome to the elites.” Let’s throw a fashion party headed by Vickie Winans; at Coach Insignia, to remoralize the population, and all you gotta do Dan, is suck Puff Daddies dick and funnel money thru your LLC; all in the name of Jesus. Boom it’s done.

This is my real life btw.

Oh, and my Doctor at Easter Seals at the time, you know?.. The one who said I had a highest GAF of 45?? He told me that poltergeists are real, and gave me a brochure to his Christian radio program that talks about quantum physics…………. Mutha fuckers, CIA lolo.

So much more to this story, I’ll tell you in another life when we are both cats. 😉

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