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The #Cure to stopping the #Escalation of #Degeneratation, and #MoralDecay in #TheWest.

I want to create a culture for the poor, who escape in a good book instead of drugs, yet can see the stupidity of overpirced vegan products.

A culture of sophisticates who aren’t ashamed of their masculinity, and who’s gfs will jump to hit the gym with them instead of the bong.

A culture where the fear of God is present, and loyalty is more valuable than money.

I don’t trust the intentions of the Kremlin, but I would rather work for the Russian Government than the US, bc the US lacks discipline and self respect.

I don’t respect Putin, he’s just a man. I’m helping the Russian Government bc I want America, and her Zionists to pay for their sins.

I’m fully aware that many right wing freedom movements are fueled by Russian operatives. However, I would be stupid not to take the bait. What has the US done for me?.. Other than dope me up on drugs, and gaslight me my whole life?!!

I still haven’t gotten that dream job or model wife I deserve yet. Waiting… πŸ˜ͺ I’ve been blacklisted and barred from every money making opportunity for far too long.

The bear has woken up, and is coming down the mountin to crush you “Zion!”

“Pls Buy My Art!” To help my son and I escape the imminent crash of the USD. πŸ“‰



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